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Banda Aceh

In Banda Aceh you can see ships washed into the middle of the town of Banda. A great part of the town has been rebuild with aid from all over the world after this natural disaster in 2004. Also interesting to visit is the ’Kerkhof’ where Dutch and Indonesian soldiers are buried during the thirty years war between the revolting Aceh against the Dutch colonial power. One of the most beautiful mosks in the Indonesia is the Baturrahman Mosque, built by a Dutch architect in 1877 to create goodwill of the Aceh people during this revolt.

Sabang is a beautiful island with an impressive coastline, white sandy beaches and crystal clear water. The island is perfect for snorkeling and diving. The most famous bays for snorkeling and diving are Gapang Bay and Iboih Bay in front of Rubiah Island. The water area around Rubiah Island is an impressive underwater world with many coral reefs and visibility up to 25 meters below sea level.
There are also shipwrecks sites for divers. As the island is based on a volcano with underwater canyons, walls and channels, surrounding deep waters till 600 metres and in the shallow part many coral reefs, this in combination with the currents, cause the wide variety of fish. Sabang is a very fine destination for water sports enthusiasts

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